Scuola Centrale Formazione was funded a few years before the important re-launch that the VET Sector underwent by means of Law n. 845 of 1978, aiming to “promote the personality of workers” through vocatioanl training and “to favour employment, production and the evolution of work organisation in harmony with scientific and technological progress”.

It was funded in Rome on November 6th, 1975, by Mons. Erasmo Pilla, Luciano Sommadossi, Lougi Grisoni, Don Sebastiano Vallauri and Antonio Vidotto. Twelve years later, the organization was recognized by the Ministry of Labour as a National Agency and financed under Law 40/1987. In April 1999, SCF counted 22 associate institutions and was present in 6 regions (Veneto, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Abruzzo and Puglia), operating through more than 50 vocational training centers. Since then, its presence across the national territory has gradually consolidated and its membership has grown over time. As of 2014, we can count 43 associate institutions, spread across 10 regions.

In June 2006, with a view to responding to the increased complexity acquired by the organization, an extraordinary assembly held in Venice-Mestre introduced the roles of National Director and of National Coordination Group, and increases the number of members of the governing board from 5 to 11.

On May 14th 2010, SCF amended its Statute: after carefully researching for the greater possible coherence with its mission and its ways of operation, under art. 3 it is now specified: “SCF is present at the local level by means of its associates, who are an expression of its entrenchment across the national territories”.

SCF, therefore, recognizes itself in the presence, experience, physical premises and resources of its members – all of which may be made available to SCF to fulfill its social purpose.

The principle guiding the relationship between SCF and its member will be in any case  that of subsidiarity.