From Value to Action

SCF’s core values underlie all of our activities. Through the promotion of training initiatives targeting our staff and that of our associates, as well as through the sharing of knowledge and expertise and the enhancement of human resources, we seek to achieve consistency and quality in our services.

SCF places among its objectives the continuity and durability of its relationship with all associates, achieved through periodical results evaluations, seminars, newsletters, open events aimed at information-sharing, training and needs assessment.

SCF designs, implements and supports innovative solutions producing an added value for the training initiatives and services offered by our associates. With a view to facilitating the transfer of methodological innovations, it organizes actions aimed at the professional development of operators, at the sharing of models of reference in the area of activity management (good practices), at the design of innovative training solutions – both locally and internationally.

SCF pays particular attention to the dissemination of information.

All activities are subject to continuous monitoring, with a view to ensuring constant improvement in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Through the value of transparency, we guarantee full access to information on our operations, obtained results and and in general on all implemented activities.